Rachel Getting Married (2008) ***1/2

Rated: R
Runtime: 1hr 53min
Director: Jonathan Demme
Stars: Anne Hathaway, Rosemarie DeWitt, Bill Irwin, Debra Winger
Genre: Drama
Language: English

“Rachel Getting Married” is Poetry in Motion

In a Nutshell


Straight as an Arrow

Sound Quality

Easy to Hear

Who's That?

Few Main Characters

Naughty Words


Naked people




As the autumnal chill envelops the season

Here’s a film worth seeing for many a reason.

Rachel Getting Married by Jonathan Demme

It’s the best film this year — and that’s by plenty.

Jenny Lumet has penned this fine story

She’s the daughter of Sidney of filmdom glory.

Her story of Kym going home for a wedding

And on the first night there, the best man she is bedding.

Her problems run as deep as raging rivers

So, laughs, tears and angst her character delivers.

Anne Hathaway is Kym the character described

Who comes home from rehab and disrupts many lives.

It’s a long way here from The Devil Wears Prada

But this role rings classical — it’s Hathaway’s sonata.

An Oscar nom I’m sure she will garner

And should she win, it’ll be a worthy honor.

And speaking of music, it’s significant to the plot

The soundtrack is worldly and plucks at your heart.

Bill Irwin in fine form, so too Debra Winger

Wonderful as the parents put through the wringer.

Rosemarie DeWitt, fab as Kym’s sis

Prays that her wedding will not go amiss.

They comprise a family, volcanic to say the least

Within each of them lies a troubled beast.

This movie has it all — tension, emotion, passion

Be prepared to leave it with a very strong reaction.

A former teacher of English Literature, Paul J. Cassese taught in the NYC school system for more than thirty years. Paul enjoyed taking the wonderful film courses of Richard Brown and Scott Siegel, and is excited about his new role as an online film reviewer. Going to the movies has been a passion of Paul’s since boyhood. Paul thanks his dad for passing that on to him.


Mona Hollander said on October 7, 2008


I love the ingenuity of this review. I had seen this movie and think that Paul Cassese “nailed it on the head”!!! A very unique way of reviewing a very unique film.

Peggy Barbanel said on October 7, 2008


I enjoyed the poem and all it contains,
To see this film is all that remains!
Paul Cassese brought the movie to us in style,
The critique in this format just made me smile!

Sam Stupak said on October 7, 2008


This is a very unique review. I feel that it works well for this type of movie, for it reminds me of the way a best man would give his toast. Very clever!

karen blecker said on October 9, 2008


What a clever way to review a film. I usually wait for my Netflix-but this review has me out the door to the theater. Thanks Paul.

e leviton said on October 10, 2008


Paul Cassese, you are an artist,using words as your palette to paint a picture of “Rachel Getting Married”. I enjoyed your poetic format as it was succinct and almost as enjoyable as the movie. I may always count on your critiques!

e leviton said on October 10, 2008


I really enjoyed the review.  From one teacher to another, your vocabulary is tops.  I will definitely see this movie thanks to your fabulous poem.

Cher said on October 13, 2008


Thank you Paul,I loved the new review format; “change” is good, “different” even better. The movie was great!


don friedman said on November 30, 2008


Great review! Ran out to see it and predicted the ending after the first hour.Great acting for what purpose?

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