How to Search

To quickly find one of the movie’s we’ve reviewed, just type a word from the film’s title or the name of one of the lead actors into the search box at the top of the site. Click the Search button and you’ll see all the reviews that match the words you searched for.

How to Browse

Senior Film Files offers a variety of ways to explore reviews and featured articles. You can browse by genre, browse through the best bets in theaters, and browse the archive by month.

How to Comment on a Movie Review

Did you find a review helpful? Do you have a bone to pick with one of our reviewers? Are you a person who likes to write about movies all the time? Well, we’re interested in what you have to say.

To add a comment to a review simply scroll down to the bottom of the review and enter in your name as you would like it to appear on the site. Then, enter your comment in the box marked Your Comment. Click the Send Your Comment button and that’s all there is to it.

In a Nutshell Explained

In a Nutshell is a feature designed to provide a quick reference for selecting the movies that are right for you. We rate six key attributes for each movie.

  1. Plot — Does it have a straightforward story or does it have an abundance of flash backs, plot twists or sudden changes ups? Where does the movie fall?
  2. Sound Clarity — Do you have trouble hearing dialogue when it’s spoken softly or when people speak over each other? How about volume - do you find movies are sometimes too loud or too quiet?
  3. Who’s That? — This rating alerts you to the number of characters in the movie. The slider ranges from movies with few characters with easily distinguished roles to movies with lots of characters, some of whom might show up later in the story.
  4. Naughty Words — If you don’t like bad language stay away from movies with high ratings in this category.
  5. Naked People — Need we say more?
  6. Violence — This rating helps you to avoid movies with high levels of violent interactions.