About Us

Gordon Krefting and Eleanor Russell started Senior Film Files in 2008 with the goal of providing the online senior community with engaging peer-to-peer movie reviews. We love movies, our reviewers love movies and we hope this site is an entertaining guide in your movie selection process. Enjoy.


Well on her way to becoming a senior, Eleanor Russell has twenty years of experience in film, video and the web. Beginning in 1995, she focused her career on designing and building web-based businesses for major publishers. She’s launched successful consumer sites in the areas of cooking, travel. how-to and fashion, as well as sites targeted at a student audience. Eleanor is a graduate of NYU Film School. She owns two pairs of reading glasses.


Gordon Krefting has been programming computers since the mid 70’s and working on the internet since day one. He has extensive experience as a technology strategist in the field of publishing and has been the chief architect behind many successful, and well-trafficked content sites. Though active, he complains about knee pain.